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Doxycycline Hyclate

Fish Disease Diagnosis: Broad spectrum antibiotic derived from Oxytetracycline. Used for both gram-positive and gram-negative bacterial disorders. Fin & tail rot, septicemia, mouth rot. Will not be de-activated by high pH levels like ordinary Tetracycline. Works in a similar manner to Chloramphenicol. Also works in marine aquaria.

WATER DOSAGE: 1/4 teaspoon per 20 gallons, every 24 hours for 10 days. Do a 25% water change before each treatment.

FOOD DOSAGE: May be mixed into frozen or pelletized foods by using 2 teaspoons per pound of feed. When mixing pellets, dissolve the medication into 2oz. of water, pour over food and mix well. Let air dry with a fan, and feed to the fish once a day for 10-14 days.