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Aqua Gold
  • Used to establish a facultative, nitrifying bacterial bed, in ponds and aquariums. It can be used to establish a new aquarium or pond, and can be used to repair a biological filter that has been damaged by using medications.
  • Aqua Gold contains nitro-somonas and nitro-bacter facultative bacteria.
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500 Grams
1000 Grams


USE: This is actual living bacteria and enzymes in concentrated form, which are activated upon its introduction into water. These bacteria contribute to the production of the nitrogen cycle, which is so crucial in all aquarium systems. This material gives its user the option of increasing the activity of an already established filter, or reactivating a filter damaged by medications, and of course the starting up of new systems. Great for under gravel or outside power filters. Clears green water in ponds and tanks. Helps prevent disease by improving water quality. This product is for freshwater use only.

DOSAGE: 7.5 grams per 1000 gallons of water. Double dose lasts 4 to 6 months under 50 degrees Fahrenheit. 1 packet (treats 2000 gal) 1 pound (treats approx. 60,000 gal)

This product has shown to be effective on parasitic Golden Algae (Prymnesium Parvum), through lab and field testing done by state and government wildlife agencies. This product will save our lakes and freshwater streams